The Block Island Wind Farm - America's ONLY operational offshore wind farm

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The Block Island Wind Farm

The Block Island Wind Farm, in Rhode Island, ACTUALLY IS America's 1st offshore wind farm. It can power up to 17,000 homes with its 5 turbines. Here are more specs on the wind farm- block-island-wind-farm-deepwater-wind-renewable-energy-climate-change





It is only 30 MW, so a total of five 6 MW turbines. In comparison, the London Array offshore wind farm is 630 megawatts and powers "half a million UK homes every year, which works out to two-thirds of the homes in Kent". (see: The London Array has 175 turbines, each wind turbine at a little more than 1/2 of the MW (3.6 MW turbines) of those on the Block Island wind farm. Most large, offshore wind turbines tend to be only about 2-5 MW, though.


Scotland recently powered most of their country with wind energy. Countries like Germany, Denmark, and Ireland, also have used offshore wind energy, along with onshore, as their main power source (albeit, for short periods of time) recently. (5-countries-leading-the-way-toward-100-renewable-energy)


Offshore wind energy (plus wind energy in general, and solar, other renewables), should serve as a complete replacement for dirty fossil fuels, according to our research. What do you think?