Stabilize Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Here are 10+ ways to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions - it's the position of Green City Times that unfortunately, we have to maintain oil and gas and coal in the energy mix for the time being. Hopefully, most coal will be under a CCS or an IGCC more sustainable coal production in the future. For as far as oil and gas, we need to transition to clean energy technologies and reduce consumption via some of these sustainable technologies. (*Only 10+ points total needed to stop [but, not to reverse] global warming, to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions):

This is what the entire planet must achieve (only 10+ points total needed):

  • Cap & Trade (otherwise known as an Emissions Trading System - ETS), or
  • Carbon Tax, or both Cap & Trade and Carbon Tax - these policies are fundamental for every country/ state that is serious about tackling climate change through clean energy programs

cap and trade