Green City Times' Eye on Sustainability

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Green City Times' Eye on Sustainability

6 ways to aid the world water crisis

Climate Goals: Is Oslo Leading the Way?

Water desalination: clean water for a thirsty world

Stabilize Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Combined heat and power (cogeneration) - making the most of energy

European green building is leading the way forward

Paris: Curbing Auto Emissions for Cleaner Air

Vancouver- alternative transit capital of North America

The Biggest Solar Plant on the Globe: In India?

Gasification - syngas from fossil fuels and environmentally friendly versions

Carbon Cap and Trade: putting a price on carbon

The United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference 2015

Power2Gas - renewable energy storage and transportation with great potential

creating clean coal - carbon capture and storage

Anaerobic digestion - a proven solution to our waste problem

Nuclear - a necessary energy supply to fight climate change

Feed-In tariffs - simple incentives to further renewable energy

solutions to fossil fuels

micro-grids: powering the future

recycling and education in Curitiba

The Cottle Zero Energy Home: A stepping stone towards the 2020 CA Zero Net Energy mandate

Cellulosic biofuel - one fuel option

Copenhagen Bids to Be 100 Percent Carbon Neutral Capital

Coal vs. Natural Gas 

Clean Hydrogen in European Cities (CHIC)

12 Surprising Ways You Can Help the Environment

geothermal district heating in Iceland

Energy Star - an international standard

Europe's greenest city district

demand response: improving energy efficiency

Home Energy Management (HEM)

Next-generation batteries

Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

renewable energy storage

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System

smart meters - a more efficient use of utilities

London Array - paving the way for efficient offshore wind energy farms

renewable energy: wind (and offshore wind farms)

renewable energy: solar and solar thermal (PV and CSP)